Capture Croatia

Let us whisk you away to the idyllic Dalmatian coastline of Croatia! With an abundance of history, fresh seafood and breath-taking beaches, Croatia’s mix of beauty and a lively atmosphere make it a dream destination for the ultimate getaway. Be a part of the Croatian adventure!

Qualification Dates:

1st January – 30th June 2019


Top 10 PGPV: 300 – 25 Credits
Sponsor a Fast Start (or Mainland EU Equivalent): 100 Credits
Sponsor a new MA: 250 Credits

Sponsor a Push MA: 50 Credits
Become a new Key Director: 750 Credits
Sponsor a new frontline Key Director: 375 Credits
Become a new Senior Director: 1000 Credits
Sponsor a new frontline Senior Director: 500 Credits
Become a new Master Director: 2000 Credits
Sponsor a new frontline Master Director: 1000 Credits
Advance to Ambassador or an Ambassador Level: 3000 Credits
Sponsor a new frontline Ambassador: 1500 Credits
Become a new Presidential Director: 3000 Credits
Sponsor a new frontline Presidential Director: 2000 Credits

What You Can Win:

3 nights in Croatia: 1500 Credits
4 nights in Croatia: 2225 Credits
5 nights in Croatia: 3000 Credits

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Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion period is from (and inclusive of) 1st January – 30th June 2019.

2. This promotion is for qualified Master Affiliates and above.

3. Credits are accumulated over the period of the promotion.

4. No cash equivalent can or will be offered under any circumstances.

5. Credits cannot be transferred to any other Distributorship.

6. To win “Top 10 PGPV” credits you must achieve a minimum of 2000 PGPV plus 100 PVQ.

7. The prize is non-transferable.

8. The company will book both hotel accommodation and flights for all winners once they have confirmed they will be redeeming their credit.

9. Winning Distributors must confirm, in writing, to Reliv that they will be redeeming their credits no later than 18th July 2019. Failure to confirm by that date will result in the prize being forfeited.

10. Accommodation is for two people sharing the same room. If in the event that a winning Distributor wishes to have separate rooms then the company will only pay for one room and it is the responsibility of the Distributor to pay the bill for the extra room.

11. It is the responsibility of the travelling Distributors to have a valid passport and appropriate travel insurance. Distributors must also have ensured they have correct travel visas issued before travelling.

12. In the case of 250 credits awarded for breaking a new frontline Master Affiliate, the new qualifying Master Affiliate has to have achieved no less than 5000 PGPV in their qualifying month. In other words, a frontline qualifying Master Affiliate who ‘piggy-backs’ off a downline qualifying does not allow you to earn 250 credits.

13. Any new qualifying Master Affiliates that qualify over a two month period must be within the promotional period to gain credits. i.e. 3000 in January and February would earn you credits; however, 3000 in June and July would not.

14. If you re-break a lapsed Master Affiliate you will be awarded 125 credits. The lapsed Master Affiliate must have been at Master Affiliate level before, but not after 31st January 2018.

15. In case of any dispute, the Chairman’s decision is final.