Reliv Success Story


Name: Etienne & Noella Van Huffel
Home: Saalfelden, Austria
Currently: Independent Reliv Distributors
Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic, FibRestore, Innergize!, Reliv Now for Kids
Improved Lifestyle: We feel fantastic and are very thankful that we have Reliv. We will always enjoy taking the Reliv products and sharing them with others. Being a part of Reliv has really improved our lifestyle and we are able to visit countries we would not have been able to travel to otherwise.
Financial Security: We constantly get to meet new people and help them to experience the positive things that Reliv has to offer. We also benefit as a result of helping others and can continue to experience a better lifestyle. Reliv gives us financial security so we don’t have to worry about our financial situation.
Time Together: We are a great team – we work together, have breakfast together, look after customers together and do a lot of other activities together. We love spending our time together and that’s why we say, “Thank you Reliv!”

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