Javier Ramirez US Hispanic & Mexico Sales Director

Javier Ramirez
US Hispanic Sales Director

Javier brings with him 22 years of experience in sales and training within the network marketing industry. Javier came to Reliv in 2000 and spent four years working closely with field leaders throughout Mexico to establish and develop the Reliv Ambassador programme in Mexico. In 2004, he moved to the US where he has teamed up with Distributor leaders to promote and support Reliv within the Hispanic community.

My Reliv Regimen:
I start the day early with a Reliv Now® and Innergize!® shake and I will either run, swim, bike or play tennis. Then I have Orange Innergize!® to hydrate and recoup. My breakfast shake consists of ProVantage® with pecans or almonds and one serving of fruit.  I do cycles of 90-days, alternating targeted nutrition formulas. Currently, during the day, I use Arthaffect®. If I eat breakfast instead of a morning super-shake, I will have another Now® and Innergize® shake in the afternoon. And before bed, I will take ReversAge® to close my super day! 

“Distributors First” Means...
Be there for them, know them, find what they want and help them to achieve it.

Favourite Quote: 
“If you believe that the price of education is high, try the price of ignorance.” - Derek Curtis Bok