Reliv Unveils New LunaRich C Encapsulation Line

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In 2013 Reliv launched LunaRich X™, the most pure, concentrated form of bioactive lunasin ever created. Reliv Europe launched LunaRich C in 2014 which contains the same super ingredients as LunaRich X.

And then…


  • LunaRich X was named 2013 Consumer Product of the Year by the American Business Awards.
  • A study of LunaRich C and Reliv Now showed this product combination’s ability to promote metabolic health.
  • Millions of LunaRich C capsules have sold around the world, helping consumers achieve better health and Reliv Distributors build bigger business.

And now…
Reliv is proud to officially introduce our new state-of-the-art LunaRich C and LunaRich X encapsulation line!

The new line will help meet increasing demand and further elevate Reliv’s renowned quality control. Reliv can now manufacture 48,000+ capsules per hour to support the growing businesses of Distributors around the world. The line will also keep costs low and pave the way for future encapsulated product offerings.