Chairman of the Board

Robert L. Montgomery

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Robert Montgomery founded Reliv International in 1988, along with his wife Sandy, after they experienced health benefits from the nutritional discoveries of their friend Dr. Theodore P. Kalogris.

Robert received a BA in Economics from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Between 1970 and 1980, Bob distinguished himself in the business world, becoming executive vice president and second largest shareholder of Modern Income Life Insurance Company, now based in Phoenix, AZ. Bob retired at age 38.

After experiencing his own results, Bob investigated a way to bring Dr. Kalogris' nutritional formula to market. Reliv International, using the direct sales concept of network marketing, was born.

My Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich C™FibRestore® and ProVantage® twice a day, plus regular use of Arthaffect® and 24K™.

Keeping Fit: I use the Stairmaster and Gravitron daily.

Enjoying My Job: The people — our Distributors, customers and employees — are what make Reliv so great!

‘Distributors First’ Means… There’s nothing to worry about if the Distributors prosper.

History Buff: Studying world, American and family history are some of my hobbies.

Favourite Quote: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.
Arthur Motley