Reliv Europe Products on Cologne List

The Cologne List

‘In 2001 a study funded by the International Olympic Committee and carried out by the doping laboratory Cologne, Germany, showed that about 15% of the analysed nutritional supplements obtained in 13 different countries contained anabolic substances which were not declared on the product label. Most likely these contaminations do not have any effect of improved performance but might cause an unintended positive doping result.’


The Cologne List tests that products are free of anabolic substances. To minimise the risk of contaminations, athletes should purchase nutritional products from companies that perform a quality check.

Extensive Testing


All of the ingredients used in our products arrive at Reliv International's Head Office accompanied by a certificate of analysis proving their purity and potency. Extensive testing is also carried out throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure high quality products are created. The product range for Reliv Europe is then sent annually for further inspection at a centre for preventive doping research.


The entire Reliv Europe product range has passed testing and analysis and subsequently features on the Cologne List product database. This means that our products are a safer choice to be used by professional sportspeople as well as amateur athletes.


"The Cologne List offers peace of mind but also allows us to build a flourishing team of Reliv athletes excelling from taking Reliv products both on and off the pitch."

- Lucy Felix, Nutritional Administrator & Customer Relations



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