Robert & Sandy Montgomery

Believing In Entreprenuers: Our Founders' Vision

An entreprenuer at heart, Reliv Founder Robert L. Montgomery figured out early in life what he wanted: to be his own boss. Like people all over the world, Robert wanted to be in charge of his own time and have financial security to do and have the things in life that he wanted. His 'Why' for founding Reliv was to create a company that gives others an opportunity to be their own boss and to help others do the same. He wanted to show people a different way, helping them to grow personally, develop leadership skills, enjoy more time and have financial freedom. So in 1988, along with his wife, Sandy, Robert founded Reliv after tasting the nutritional discoveries of their friend Dr Theodore Kalogris. Robert quickly recognised the vast potential of Dr Ted's formula which would become Reliv’s flagship product — Reliv Classic®.

Dr. Ted Kalogris

Dr Ted Kalogris, inventor of Reliv's first flagship product, Reliv Classic.

Like many people, I had taken vitamins for years not really doing myself any good. Sandy and I started taking Dr Ted’s formula in 1982 and we saw how much our family loved the product.
- Robert Montgomery, Founder & Chairman of the Reliv Board.

Robert and Sandy could have enjoyed the product and stopped there. But they felt inspired to share their discovery with the world. And so Reliv was born.

We gathered some of our closest friends, sat down at our kitchen table with yellow notepads and began to design the company that would become Reliv. 
- Sandy Montgomery

Shortly after Reliv's founding in 1988, Dr Carl Hastings joined Reliv. He oversaw research, development and manufacturing, established a comprehensive line of nutritional products and earned nine product patents. Dr Hastings obtained a Ph.D. in food science from the University of Illinois and spent nearly 40 years in food product research and development. For Mead Johnson & Co., Dr Hastings conducted key research on sterilised liquid nutritional food products for adults and infants and developed low-calorie foods marketed under the Weight Watchers label. With the A.E. Staley Company, Dr Hastings developed new applications for food ingredients developed from corn and soybeans including starch, sweeteners, protein and fibre. Dr Hastings was a former board member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade organisation for the nutrition industry. In 2012, Dr Hastings was ranked #9 out of more than 5,000 CSOs according to ExecRank. He was honoured for his role in developing research capabilities that help produce groundbreaking scientific products, as well as his role in strengthening Reliv's reputation for innovation.

Dr Carl W Hastings

At just 23 years old, Robert first got behind the concept of network marketing and chose this as the most effective means for sharing it with the world. 

The idea that I could create my own destiny and grow personally without someone restricting me was very exciting. I could be my own boss. I didn’t need to have someone telling me when I could take time off or whether or not I could stay home with a sick child. This is what impressed me the most about network marketing and the lifestyle it offered. It’s the reason I couldn’t stop talking about it.
- Robert Montgomery 

Reliv's culture can be credited to its founders, Robert and Sandy Montgomery. In fact, the Core Values and Core Beliefs created by them are still the driving force behind the company's decisions today. 

Reliv has been built on a strong foundation of core values and beliefs that will never change. Going forward, we are committed to build onto our strengths and 30-year foundation by modernising our messaging, tools and sales methods to remain not only relevant in today’s wellness and direct sales industries, but to be industry leaders with innovative products and business development.  Principles and ideals never change, but our methods and technology will evolve so we appeal to ever-changing consumers and Distributors.  - CEO Ryan Montgomery

RELIV Core Values

Reliv is guided by the primary principle of “Distributors First” which is applied first and foremost to each decision Reliv faces. We will make all decisions in an effort to support Distributor success. In addition, Reliv is guided by six core values:


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality. Our ingredients come from the most reputable suppliers and undergo rigorous testing at each step in the manufacturing process. Our unique products support a unique selling proposition.


We work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our Distributors, customers, employees and partners. We trust our products with our own families. We make detailed information about our products and business opportunity available to all. We value transparency in everything we do.


We adhere to moral and ethical principles in all aspects of our business to build trust. People depend on our products to maintain their wellbeing and their business to maintain their livelihood. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Changing Lives

We believe that everyone can benefit from our products and business opportunity. We want to change lives for the better.

Giving Back

It’s our mission to Nourish Our World and part of this involves the charitable efforts of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. We are proud to partner with our Distributors to bring hope to thousands of people in need worldwide.


Reliv believes that work/life balance is important for the family. Family is a value that permeates every level of Reliv as a philosophy and way of life.

RELIV Core Beliefs


The power of Reliv is people. Build people and people will build the business. That’s why Reliv invests in people. Strong relationships built upon respect lead to organisational growth and stability. Leaders care about people.


Reliv partners with its Distributors to accomplish mutual goals together. We succeed together, move through challenges together and celebrate together. Distributors succeed, and then Reliv succeeds, in that order.

Personal Responsibility

Work today leads to a better tomorrow. Every individual is accountable for his/her own actions and successes. Life is a series of choices that determine our future. Personal freedom isn’t easy and Reliv offers the opportunity to control your own circumstances and put the future in your own hands. Security comes from within and comes with building a business that’s yours. By helping people help themselves, we further the potential for earned success and happiness.

Personal Growth

The best part of Reliv is who you become in the process of working with people and leading. When your pursuits are with purpose, you begin to feel better about YOU and achieve fulfilment. Personal development occurs for those who plug into the Reliv environment.


Reliv works hard to keep its message simple. Success comes from repeating a few basic fundamentals and adding new people to our mission.


Reliv will maintain an environment and atmosphere of encouraging people, celebrating their success and enjoying the journey.