Reliv Monthly Awards

Dr. Theodore Kalogris (Dr. Ted) Plaque

Distributors attaining 16,000 PGPV in a calendar month will be rewarded with the Dr. Ted Plaque. The first time Distributors achieve 16,000 PGPV, they will receive the new commemorative plaque, featuring a brass plate engraved with their name, month and year of first achievement. For the second and subsequent achievements (up through 10) qualifiers will receive an engraved brass plate to add to the plaque.

For every Dr. Theodore Kalogris Plaque earned, Reliv will make a donation to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in honour of the Distributor recipient. The donation* will provide nutrition to 16 children for one month.

*All donations made “in honour” of a Distributor are acknowledged alongside our top donors at Reliv Headquarters.


The Dr. Ted Leadership Opportunity

When you earn 10 Dr. Ted Plaques in any 36-month period, you will be invited to attend the next Reliv incentive trip. The consistency of effort that the Dr. Ted Plaque represents helps prepare you for a long and productive future with Reliv.

Once you have qualified for this trip, the clock starts over and you can earn it again. So every month track your volume level. Once you see your volume growing, and reaching towards the 16,000 PGPV required for this award, keep going. Each Dr. Ted Plaque moves you one step closer towards 10 and an unforgettable travel experience!


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