Introducing the Sandy Montgomery Award

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It is with the utmost respect and honour that we pass the torch with our Dr. Theodore Humanitarian Award. We are pleased to announce that the prestigious Dr. Theodore Humanitarian Award will now be dedicated to the legacy and spirit of Reliv’s Co-Founder and First Lady, Sandy Montgomery.   

The Sandy Montgomery Award will honour her mission to “Nourish Our World” in Body, Mind and Spirit. Just like Sandy, this award is special. It’s one of a kind. And it’s an honour to achieve it. Designed after her favourite flower, the Bird of Paradise, this beautiful award is expertly hand-crafted and uniquely made. Each one is hand-blown, so no two are alike.

How to Earn This Award
Once you become a Master Affiliate, you’re qualified to earn this prestigious award, which is proudly presented to a Distributor who has achieved 30,000 PGPV or more in a month. When you achieve a Sandy Montgomery Award, you’re helping to grow her legacy to share Reliv and make a difference for others, just as Sandy so passionately did.

For every Sandy Montgomery Award earned, Reliv will make a donation to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in honour of the Distributor recipient. The donation* will provide nutrition to 30 children for one month.

*All donations made “in honour” of a Distributor are acknowledged alongside our top donors at Reliv Headquarters.