Fit3 Coach Tina Van Horn

Tina Van Horn
Product Marketing Specialist & Fit3 Coach

Tina joined Reliv in 2012 as the Research and Business Development Director with Soy Labs.  Upon the completion of the lunasin technology transition from Soy Labs to Reliv, she joined the Reliv Marketing team as Product Marketing Specialist. With the introduction of the Fit3 programme in 2017, Tina assumed the role of Fit3 Head Coach.

My Reliv Regimen: 
Every shake starts with Reliv Now®, either whey or soy - I’m not picky.  I add in other Reliv products like Fit3™ Active, ProVantage®, and/or Arthaffect®, depending on my activity for the day. I also make sure I never miss taking  FibRestore®, LunaRich C™ and Fit3™ Purify. 

Staying Active: 
Whatever I can do, wherever I can to just keep moving!  I love running and group fitness classes like boot camp and step aerobics, but I also spend a lot of time doing resistance training at home and at the gym...and push-ups! I have spent 15 years learning what it takes to keep my body healthy. I found Reliv about five years ago and it has been the missing piece that brought my fitness mission full circle. 

Busy Mom: 
For those of you who are a little more curious, I live on a small farm in Missouri where my husband and I raise goats and play referee for our two sons. If I am not running, lifting, eating, cooking, coaching, writing or sleeping, I am probably shopping for new running shoes and workout gear.

'Distributor’s First' Means...
Looking at Reliv’s products, programme and tools from the field's perspective so we can provide what Distributors need to be successful.

Favourite Quote: 
“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” – John Wooden